Sunday, November 13, 2016

REVEALED: Alexis Sanchez rejected Juve move because his dogs are "loving London".

Arsenal's summer transfer window was perceived to be underwhelming by the media but with no major exits and some key positions filled, it was not as bad as some pundits made it look. However, it could have been worse if Alexis joined Juventus, as he did consider it and discussed the prospect with his agent. 

Alexis' agent was personally interested in the move to Juventus and he advised Alexis to seriously consider it. The Chilean, however, came back and refused to move to Italy as his dogs, Atom and Humber, could not fathom living outside London at the moment. It is no secret that Alexis loves his dogs but we didn't know that they would ultimately have the final say in his career moves, luckily for Arsenal.
Alexis with Atom and Humber (Source: Instagram)

We tried to get the full extent of the story but unfortunately Atom and Humber were unavailable for comments. Alexis is yet to comment on the story but it seems like he is happy to live in London with his happy dogs.


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