Friday, December 18, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Bergkamp to join Arsenal alongside Pep as gunners plan future management

Days after being the first to break the story on Pep's interest in joining Arsenal, which was later carried on by other mainstream media, we have further developments. Working exclusively with TGW group to cover this story, we understand that Arsenal have already started planning life after Arsène Wenger and Arsenal legend, Dennis Bergkamp is the latest name ringing around the board. 

Dennis Bergkamp to join Arsenal's coaching staff. (Photo credits: Tim Snell)

Arsenal are planning to appoint Dennis Bergkamp as the assistant manager after Pep joins the gunners in 2017, following Arsène Wenger's retirement. This should not come as a surprise because Bergkamp has already expressed his desire to return to Arsenal:

"The feeling Johan Cruyff has had for Barcelona, I have the same with Arsenal. At Arsenal it was a good click. I always enjoyed it. I never had a bad day there. It is always on my mind. It is part of my ambition to come back at some stage. I don't see myself being at Ajax for the rest of my coaching career.- Dennis Bergkamp

Bergkamp is currently assistant manager to Frank de Boer at Ajax. He has enjoyed his time at Ajax, winning the Eredivisie on four occasions (2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14). He also won the Johan Cruijff Shield with Ajax in 2013.

Arsenal fans have always appreciated Bergkamp as a player and would certainly love to watch him in a coaching role at Arsenal. 

"I want to say how amazing the fans have been to me throughout my time at Arsenal, pretty much from day one. The fans here really appreciate you and that makes you want to achieve more, they have really driven me on."

"My whole time here (at Arsenal) has been great. It’s a professional club, of course, but also they have never forgot the tradition, the human side of it. The longer I have spent at the Club, the more people I have got to know of course, and myself and my family are very welcome here. My kids have all grown up in London and for us it’s just normal." - Dennis Bergkamp

Arsène Wenger's contract expires in 2017 and with Pep Guardiola already lined up as the replacement, it looks like Arsenal have planned a complete reshuffle in the management.


  1. Last time you guys wrote article I noticed the daily mail wrote same one few days later, also goal, metro, sky Italia and talksport. You do seem reliable.