Saturday, December 13, 2014

Arsenal: Moving Forth To Fourth

(By Mugais Jahangir)

It’s been just about four months and we are out of the title race hoping to get back to our beloved fourth spot. Again, we are making fourth spot look like a new dawn. There are four ways to look at it though. 

  1. Fourth spot is where 16 other teams would love to be.
  2. For a prestigious club with 13 league titles, being satisfied with fourth is a sign of low ambition.
  3. Wenger IN.
  4. Wenger OUT.

If we ignore the fact that a club has a manager, I think all Arsenal fans fall in the second category, at least when the season starts. However, right now when we are sixth, there’s division. Many people will be satisfied with Arsenal finishing fourth, considering how we have done so far. I believe if you disagree with the second point mentioned above, you are wrong and you need to wake up. At this point, let me make one thing clear. This is not about Wenger IN or Wenger OUT. I’m just talking about our current progress, ignoring the manager for now. I will bring up the Wenger debate later, putting the whole website at risk. 

Fourth or third?

Does it make a difference? Win the title or at least be in the title race till the last day. That’s what we should aim for. Other than that, we will just take a top four spot right now because that is the best we can do from here. 

Wenger IN or Wenger OUT?

I am certainly not stupid enough to give you a verdict here but I would like to say a few words. Finishing fourth or fifth is not how we should decide it. It is about overall success. Finding a proper replacement, which by the way is not Jurgen Klopp, and making sure we are not making a decision in haste. Whenever the time comes, we need to upgrade our manager, someone who has been successful in Europe, not someone who managed to take his team to the CL final and lost and also sold his best players to direct rivals. I’m talking about Klopp, not Wenger. I think you get my point. Actually, I think that is all I have got to say. Leave your verdict in the comments. 

Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Man Utd.

Can we beat any of these teams this season? We already did. We destroyed Man City to win the Community Shield. However, our recent record against these clubs away from home has been a complete disaster. That has got to change for the sake of fourth.


The footballer turned social media expert has made a sensational comeback to his favourite sport. It is nice to see him once in a while. Let’s not forget that he is performing because he wants to prove a point. Wenger is doing well to give him that feeling again and again. He can be vital for our top four race, which needs help from all sides right now.

Arsenal v Newcastle.

At this point we need to forget about how other clubs are playing or who should drop points. We just need three points. We need them desperately. Are we out of the top four race if we lose this fixture? Absolutely not, but don't say that to the players. We need to win.

Prediction: Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle.

Arsenal cemented the top four spot the moment we signed Wenger. Nothing can take it away from us. We don't even sound arrogant when we say that. I hope our players don't read this but I am not even remotely concerned about our top four finish. Since the league title is out of our reach, I am just looking forward to a good fight in the Champions League and another FA Cup. 

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  1. Wenger in, till he decides to walk away.