Thursday, February 13, 2014

Where do Arsenal stand now?

A disastrous game at the Anfield and more points dropped at home. Arsenal had a chance to go top of the league but yet again it was blown away. Is there a reason for the fans to lose the title hopes now? Maybe it is too early but the signs are clear. With the current squad Arsenal has, and comparing that with teams like Manchester City, Arsenal are not in the 'best position'. However, being just one point off the top, it would be stupid to say it is all over. All the usual blabbering that Arsenal need to beat big teams to prove their title credentials is nonsense. To prove your title credentials, you should be in the title race. It is February. If you manage to be 1 point off the top and being in the top 2 for about 7 months, you have to be Michael Owen or some really blind pundit to write them off. Arsenal have some good fixtures coming ahead. This is the critical stage before they enter another nightmare in March. Sunderland, Stoke, Swansea and Tottenham. All winnable fixtures. 12 points from these 4 fixtures would place them in a decent position before the games against Chelsea, Man City and Everton. There is reason to believe. Arsenal have so far played well against the mid-table teams, except Man Utd where they dropped points both home and away.

Giroud's form a worry?

Yes. It is something we all had seen coming. Nothing can be done about it right now. Nicklas Bendtner is not in a position to give Giroud some competition that would make him fight for his position. It is something similar to our goalkeepers where we have been lucky with Szczesny, who never had any competition but still kept improving. Giroud needs to step up and do the same. He is capable of scoring goals. He has 10 goals in the league so far. He can surely do better.

Champions League

The midweek fixtures against Bayern Munchen will be exhausting. This will be the toughest period for the players and it is something Liverpool can take advantage of. Like I said earlier, the 12 points against the aforementioned teams is the only way Arsenal can stay in the race till the last day.

Should fans still believe?

Even though Arsenal have failed to get results against the better sides in the league, it doesn't put them out of the race. There is no reason to panic right now. Not for the fans, not for the players. Chelsea and Man City dropping points in their last fixtures has kept it all open again. Arsenal won't go down easy. It has been clear from the past few seasons where the target was top 4. This time the target is the title. Don't write them off yet.

(Written by Mugais Jahangir)
Twitter: @mugaisj


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