Saturday, February 15, 2014

Arsenal better off without Robin van Persie

On Friday, some journalist on twitter claimed that Robin van Persie wants to leave Manchester United, for obvious reasons, and wants to come back to Arsenal FC. The talk that took place between Arsene Wenger and Kees Vos (Van Persie's agent) makes it clear that the deal could be done in summer, if Arsenal make a reasonable bid. This is what was reported.

For last so many seasons, Arsenal fans have raised their voice against the club for not spending enough in the transfer window. Their demands are not unreasonable. The club has resources and the fans keep paying. Are they being taken for a ride? As an Arsenal fan, you need to ask yourself. Are you paying hundreds of quids for your season ticket and the club owners are not bothered? There must be questions on your mind as an Arsenal fan and they are not unreasonable. Buying back Robin van Persie could be seen as deceiving the fans. In the summer of 2014, Robin van Persie would be 31. We have already seen his dip in form. He is injury prone and judging by what Theo Walcott wrote in his book, Robin may not be mentally stable. On top of that, he left Arsenal and helped their rivals win the title. Are the fans happy to know he might be back? No, absolutely not. This club is not a joke. You can't just leave and join the rivals because they are likely to win a trophy, and once they finish out of the Champions League spot, you come back because your original club is doing well. Such characters in football do more harm to the team than good. He is unstable, he doesn't know what he exactly wants in life, he is messed up, he is gullible (Sir Alex's retirement), you name it!

All things considered, Arsenal have had the best time in years since Robin van Persie left. 2013, the year without Robin van Persie, Arsenal was the best team in the league.

Arsenal do not need Robin van Persie. Van Persie needs Arsenal

How the tables have turned! I would really make a bid for Robin van Persie if I was Arsene. My bid would be £1.5m + an extra quid of course. 

RvP celebrating after scoring against the league leaders.

Why Arsenal fans should oppose his return

Arsenal FC has got a really smart bunch of owners. They know how to take fans for a ride. Robin van Persie could be signed as the 'marquee summer signing', using his fame and a big name as a goalscorer, which is fading fast. Arsenal need a striker and Robin van Persie, 5-6 months from now, alone is not an answer. Arsenal fans should not oppose him just for 'footballing reasons' but they should not forget how he insulted them and the club. He is a model of how a footballer should not be. Such people should not be allowed to wear the prestigious Arsenal jersey. 

What next for RvP?

The report suggests that Arsene Wenger wants Robin van Persie back. There is no need to discuss it for now as it is way too early. Let him and the little boy inside him enjoy the mid-table experience under David Moyes at Man Utd. As for Arsenal, they have moved on. With the best midfield in the league, any striker would wish to play for Arsenal.

(Written by Mugais Jahangir)
Twitter: @mugaisj


  1. “Our fellow players are sometimes occupying the spaces I want to play in. And when I see that it makes it difficult for me to come to those spaces as well… And unfortunately, they’re often playing in my zones. I think that’s a shame.”

    He then goes to says: “It’s easy to point the finger at someone, but I’m not like that”. Well you just did!

    Isn’t this the same guy that said sometime in January 2013 that it’s easy for him to score goals as he is “surrounded by champions”?!

    What bloody hypocrisy! It’s all about you, isn’t it?
    His family joining in and telling how much Robin loved Arsenal and how he never could play for any other team in the PL. Do we really have to believe that even they fell for it? Or where they just toys in his hands to bring his popularity as high as possible?

    So all these years Robin created a hype around himself. Making us all believe that he was the ultimate Gooner-Gunner. And then he squashed it all away in one statement. Hi guys….

    Telling how he wasn’t happy with the way the club was going. Even at that moment he tried to make us believe that he did it all with the best interest for Arsenal. Talking abut hypocrisy…

    So he acted like the still not pregnant 40 year old women desperately wanting a baby or a little boy I might say. And he made it clear that he would only go to Manchester United. Not to Juventus where Arsenal wanted him to go. And looking back at the additions Wenger made I really believe that if he would have stayed it would have been Arsenal that won the league last years. Take his contribution out of Manchester United last season and let him even perform half the way he did for them and we would have won the league. That is something I am sure off.

    But after one year saying the right things to the United fans the first crack come out again. Of course we know he is a hypocrite of the highest order and so we see it sooner than others. After all, once you have been cheated on you tend to see things quicker.

    And now suddenly it is no longer about “the team” as he did at Arsenal for a while. But even then from a sudden point it suddenly came a bit of a personal thing. It became more and more about me and I.

    And that is what we see now happening at United. Suddenly the team is doing things wrong, not him of course. He doesn’t openly criticises Moyes….yet. Because well they need each other how much they might dislike each other. To get out of United he needs to play to get others interested. And well Moyes needs him to save anything that is left to save for United.

    Of course us Gooners look at it with a smile on our face. We have seen the hypocrite at work before. And even though he was a great player for Arsenal he will never be A great. Never for Arsenal. But surely not for United. He will be remembered for being an egoistic player who thought he should be allowed to run the club and when he didn’t get it his way he ran of like a little boy.

    Now I know I am not that stupid to think that our players are all Gooners also. But at least they don’t try to give that impression when it is build on sand. We know a player like Jenkinson is a real Gooner-Gunner. Per Mertesacker was a big fan as a child. And probably others will have been. But their public relations machine isn’t building on that to keep the fans on board like Robin did it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Van Persie is doing his last year at United. But the problem is that he will have to take a pay cut in that case. As apart from the oil teams no other team will pay what he is getting at United. Caught in a golden cage one could say. Serves the hypocrite right.

  2. He doesn't wish to join Arsenal you dimwit! What are you? Indy Kaila's brother or something?