Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Ramsey - Among The Best In The World

This season has been one of the most keenly contested Premier league seasons in recent memory with all the clubs vying for the top. Upsets and underdog stories galore, the season has thrown up more than its share of unexpected superstars. Teams and players have shed their past seasons’ stats and have put in performances which could have never been predicted if history was an indicator. Arsenal has been at the fore of this fairy-tale story. After a decade of enduring harsh defeats and defending Wenger’s transfer policy, Gooners around the world finally have a reason to celebrate.

Unlike other teams where a potent strike-pair is the only threat, Arsenal has turned into a team of goal scorers this season thereby reducing the burden on the shoulders of Olivier Giroud. Mesut Ozil was considered to be a great source of assists and goals but the unexpected gem in the Arsenal midfield this season has been Aaron Ramsey. After signing his long term contract with the Londoners in 2009, Gooners have never seen Ramsey at his peak and many blame Stoke City’s Ryan Shawcross for this. His tackle in a Premier League fixture in February 2010 resulted in a horrific injury which saw Ramsey out of action for a year.

Arsene Wenger still believed the Welsh midfielder had what it takes to enrich the midfield at Emirates. After a loan spell at Cardiff City, Ramsey came back to Emirates rearing to go. He made 38 appearances in 2011/12 and 41 appearances in 2012/13 but never really showed promise except for short bursts of brilliance. The manager and the fans wanted more, a midfield star who they could rely on in difficult situations. This season marks the completion of the comeback. 

Arsenal are sitting pretty on top of the table without the injury worries that plagued them in the past few seasons and Ramsey has had a big say in the matter. With 9 appearances so far at home and Europe he has found the net 8 times and assisted twice making him valuable to the club and dangerous for the rest of the premier league. He has combined well with Ozil and Wilshere ridding Wenger of any selection worries in the midfield. Last season was all about filling the vacuum left behind by Robin Van Persie and this season seems to be all about moving on. 

Premier League, Champions League and the domestic cups – all seem a possibility for Arsenal in the form they are in. For them to continue being the best in the league, it is important for the quartet of Ramsey-Wilshere-Ozil-Giroud to play together. If the initial part of the season is any indication, trophies might finally grace the cabinets at Emirates. The drought is over for everybody associated with Arsenal.

[Article written by Vidur Kalive]


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