Friday, October 11, 2013

Arsenal: The Most Dangerous Team of 2013.

Nobody wants to play against Arsenal right now. It is not just going to the Emirates that is scary but if Arsenal is visiting you, you're toast! Something has clicked. I would not give all credit to Özil's arrival. His arrival definitely lifted the spirits even further but Arsenal had turned into this lethal force way back since they went to Germany and battered a local team there.

This season didn't start particularly well. There are lots of injuries including some key players that helped Arsenal secure Champions League spot last season. That, however, did not stop Arsenal from scoring goals and securing those points. I will not mention the stats. We all know it already. Best team of 2013. Highest points this year. Best away record. You name it! It is not about stats anymore. When you watch them play and if it is your team playing against them, it is painful. With the strongest midfield in the league, Arsenal is a nightmare to play against.

It is way too early to talk about who will win the title but after about 2 months into the season, Arsenal are top of the league, with their key players returning in a few weeks. Liverpool is level on points with Arsenal and you might just say I am being biased by not talking equally high of Liverpool. Well, the fact is, I am not just looking at this season. I am looking at it since January 2013. Arsenal are on this frightening run for over 6 months! So if you are a Liverpool fan, should you be scared? Yes, definitely! If Arsenal is playing your team, you should be scared. 

I mentioned earlier that Arsenal's current form is not just because Özil. It is a fact. He has just played a few games since September. Arsenal's lethal run has a lot to do with Arsene Wenger though. Trusting players like Aaron Ramsey is a clear proof why fans don't always understand the game. Sometimes they should let the manager do his job, as long as the manager is not some dodgy Portuguese fellow (Hint: His initials are AVB).

Taking just this season into consideration, Mathieu Flamini has been a key player for Arsenal. We do not see Arsenal keeping clean sheets but it is the result that matters. Flamini makes sure the other team doesn't get a free run at Arsenal's defence.

Do Arsenal have a chance to win the title this season? Yes, without a doubt. The team is a little short for the Champions League though. A fully fit Arsenal team with the addition of a world class striker will change that. January transfer window is not where you can get a world class player. It is not entirely impossible but players usually don't prefer leaving mid-season. In January, Arsenal can buy a backup for Olivier Giroud, which is absolutely necessary. Nicklas Bendter has been out for a very long time. He may not be reliable. There are other options like playing Walcott upfront or Podolski but that will be an adjustment. It may cost Arsenal the title, if such a situation arises.

For now, Arsenal is hungry for points. They will not stop easily. They are waiting for the next match with a message: "Come at us!"

Written by Mugais Jahangir.
Twitter: @mugaisj

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  1. True talk, i believe arsenal can challenge any team in the world with this current squad.