Saturday, February 16, 2013

We Are The 'Gooners', Not The 'Goners'

By Justus Rotich.

We are who we are; we are the Arsenal and always mean greatness to wear an Arsenal jersey. Each and every minute in the pitch whilst wearing that jersey matters. I respect anyone loyal to arsenal, I respect Arsene Wenger. He has been patient with all his stars and has earned Giroud to throw in a word or two comparing himself to the immediate former captain, Robin van Persie. Giroud is quoted to have said that he is much more better than Robin van Persie and promises a lot more to come as he says,

"I have started better than Van Persie did at Arsenal."

He claims not to lack ambition,

“I do not lack ambition, but I am realistic.”

I love him but also expect him to live up to my expectation. I am growing fond of him; let’s just say I am ‘girouding’ myself.

All eyes are on Giroud as it is the tradition on every new lad in the squad. We tend to forget Oxlade-Chamberlain. The Ox is below bar and he seems frustrated. He is too eager to step up his game to Walcott’s level. No player is happy to be a bench warmer and you do not have to be a scientist to appreciate that fact. The Ox is only 19 and he really needs to calm down, whenever he gets a chance to showcase his ability. His over-confidence may end up ruining him. I am not saying he is not good but he should concentrate all his forces together for him to make a mark at the Emirates and in the heart of the Arsenal faithful. Arsene Wenger should have given Ox the chance to redeem his ego after a devastating 78’ own-goal at the stadium of light last season. He was dying for it, every player does, I know.

In football, anything can happen in a one-off game and lot more happens in a period of 90 mins. Currently, we are 5 points outside the top four with our form coming back. I also believe that we have the qualities to finish third in the table, considering we are through playing Chelsea, Man-City, Liverpool; some of the hardest games, and drawing inspiration from the fact that opponents sitting on top of us have not yet played together for the second leg of the season. Man-City, Liverpool and Manchester should, on paper, put Chelsea to their rightful place in the EPL and whilst us winning should mean that we are the third team in the EPL come April.

My good instincts has it that it is not yet over for Arsenal until it is done, so far we still are in the Champions League and the F.A. Cup. As a gooner and not a goner, I have got the faith that we are going to rise up to the occasion. We have been through trials in the last 7 years and the same trials show us where we are and where we need to grow. Let’s not run from them, we ought to grow from them and gun forward. That is the gunner spirit.

Can’t wait for our next match against Blackburn, we are going to get a good result over there, it is all about faith.

(Expect a lot of my opinions, views , criticism from time to time as we all have one objective towards our Arsenal - success. I love the club plus everyone associated with it. I encourage you to share your views with me through my twitter handle [@justokim_gooner] as we get to know more about our Arsenal.) 


  1. Very good Justus Rutich, you know your stuff and i agree with you.

  2. Arsenal 0 - 1 Blackburn (despite not really playing well!!)

    With Wenger, it's goners!