Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Aaron Ramsey – Jeered or Cheered?

By Vishal Tolani.

It is my first article and I do not have an experience in writing as well. I'm writing to give my views about our club's current situation and how we should react to this situation. We all agree it has been a really tough year for us in league but we can see the positives of the current team bonding well together. We have had some good as well as bad times this season but we've stuck together all along. It’s more than 10 years now that I've watched Arsenal play, from last minute winners to last minute bottlers, I can assume that we all have shared these moments. We have been craving for a trophy for almost half a decade and this crave has now transformed us from supporters to a bunch of followers who are in dilemma. A dilemma whether we should trust our coach/players or not? 

There are several fans suggesting we should get rid of Ramsey because he has given some poor performances. That’s where we cross the line of restlessness for success/glory and blame it on one single player who is merely just 22 and has joined our club with same faith that the fans will support him no matter what. As once considered as an equal prospect as Jackie boy, Ramsey started his career with great hopes of getting into first team under the tutelage of Cesc and Arsene. Ramsey began a wonderful start to his career with an assist to former striker and now c*nt, Adebayor. Few weeks later he gave two assists in league cup and then the day came when he came from bench in Turkey to score a wonderful goal from outside the box. We were all delighted and we mocked United fans for him choosing Arsenal above them, we supported him and he was clearly becoming fan favourite above Denilson. He had Cesc to help him and he had great progress in his game, he was high on confidence and knew he has found a club where he will be a darling child like he was in Cardiff. He started to get involved in more and more games. Few weeks later he came on from bench to equalize against West Ham in FA Cup. After scoring the first thing he did was to run to fans and celebrate with them and to show them how he has loved our support towards him. He started playing with more strength and more creativity making him a complete midfield prospect if Cesc ever leaves; being hailed as upcoming superstar he had a sad day when his career came into jeopardy after he suffered that horrific injury at the age of 20; he gained sympathy from fans all over the world. He got back on his feet after a long injury lay off and was hoping to get back to the same progress he was having here at the club but he was loaned out to Cardiff

Here’s what he had to say after he scored the first goal after coming back from injury .

 “Scoring the goal was a special moment for me. This was worth the wait and so many people have helped me through the tough time I had, hopefully this will give them the same satisfaction as it does to me.”

This is what a person who feels for the fans says!

2011/2012 was the season where Ramsey was actually given charge of our attacking midfield as Cesc/Nasri had left the club and Jackie was still out injured. He had his first competitive season after coming back from injury and he had the pressure on his back to manage the attacking outlet for our team. It was the same year when he became Welsh captain ahead of neighbourhood chipmunk. He started working his socks off and was trying hard to perform the way he was supposed to. He ended his last year with 8 assists and 3 goals giving us a hope that he can come back to his best next season. This year has been really tough for Ramsey, more than it has been tough for us. He lost his close mentor Gary Speed who had trust in his abilities and gave him a confidence boost by handing him captaincy after the year he returned from that injury. With the departures and arrivals this season we had, with Santi coming to the attacking midfield role and return of the Jackie boy, Ramsey lost his place in the team and was often used as a substitute on the wings or starting the match on the wings. This is the same year where he also lost his captaincy and now we will make it miserable if we do not support and cheer our player. He was low on confidence and was trying to get back on his best and now when Arteta has been out, he is playing in his position to prove his dedication and talent to the fans. I am writing this article to make you understand that circumstances have not been favourable for him and give him some time and support. Do not be judgemental on basis of 2-3 performances. Give him your support and love him as you love Jackie boy and you shall see him improve and be beneficial for us.


  1. Meaner says.... yeah, we should give him 5 more years to improve and give him another 5 years for him to build his confident. As we know, he would be forever a promising player..

  2. OK. Its your first article, so here is a tip. "Don't bury the lead!"

    You can look that up on Google, but basically it means: make your point in the first or second sentence. You can (and should) return to it later, but make sure to make your point clearly and concisely right up front.

    Second. Break your writing up into smaller paragraphs. That will really help with the pace and flow of your writing. Long paragraphs are hard on the reader. They require extended concentration. Paragraph breaks give the reader's brain a chance to collect itself.

    What you've done in this piece is ramble on a bit and then ease into the meat of what your are trying to say about Ramsey. But even when you do finally get going, there is no real indication of where you are headed.

    It's as if you are trying to build a case by presenting the evidence first (Ramsey's misfortunes), so that by the end the reader sympathizes and agrees with your conclusion.

    Setting aside the persuasiveness of your argument, you could still have done that by starting off with something along the lines of: "Ramsey has had a tough go of it over the last few years, but we all need to get behind him if we want to see him improve. Supporting Ramsey now will help him regain his confidence and ultimately benefit all of us. Lets review his career so far...."

    Follow that with your career review section, which should probably have been broken up into about 5 or 6 short paragraphs (or better yet, edited down to half the length it is now).

    Then finish by restating your opening point.

    1. Thank You for your advice . I will take that in consideration in my next article mate !

  3. Arrow will score more goals for Arsenal than Jack. He has a better engine and a better long range shot. He just needs more game time in his preferred position- which he will get. Jack and Arrow will become the best attacking midfield duo in world football.

  4. Good one for your first article. Here are a few observations.

    There is no sync between your heading and the introduction paragraph (First para).

    At the end of the first paragraph, you ask a question "should we trust the coach/players?", then suddenly jump onto Ramsey. It feels like you have assumed him to be the scapegoat.

    Actually your post would feel good if the first paragraph is omitted.

    As someone said smaller paragraphs are readable.

    you say " joined our club with same faith that the fans will support him no matter what". I dont think any player joins the club assuming that. they join for the love of the club or for money etc..

    Dont judge a player by his comments. There are many who kiss badges, say that they love the club, the supporters blah... blah.. blah... and leave when a fat cheque is dangled infront of them.

  5. i have nothing to say about your writing style.I just praise you for picking up a very important topic.His injury was not any common one , it was a very serious surgery!when you come out from injuries like that its very hard for you specially when your that young and so much is expected from you.He is very good and he will only improve.
    And i am sorry but i have to say this guy who commented on "6 February 2013 15:45" is a cunt.