Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A Positive Future You Should Foresee As A Gooner

By Justus Rotich.

A once successful manager in baseball history, Tommy Lasorda, once said that the difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination. Exactly what does that mean when we reflect it in Arsenal’s perspective? Bringing trophies to the Emirates does not entail only a one man labour but the whole team. Nacho Monreal was a fair winter signing I must say, but the best of him is yet to be seen in the premier league, the hardest league to play in, as they say. Nacho my ‘Macho-man’, as I have now almost learned how to say it, was welcomed into the EPL in a rather strange way. Stoke should really learn how to welcome a guest into the biggest stage in football history. Welcome Nacho, welcome to the Premier League mate!

Mental toughness can take you to the top and mental weakness straight to the bottom as one John Schiefer, a computer hacker, said.  I said it in my previous articles and I will say it again, Jack Wilshere has what it takes to propel Arsenal to the next level. He has brought out positives from his team mates already and if your faith is as strong as mine, he actually has not started yet. Gerrard says he is excited about playing alongside Jack Wilshere as he puts it in his own words:

“Jack Wilshere is a top player and I hope he gives the dressing room a lift.”

Currently Jack is rated highly by managers, players and fans alike. To me, he is the best thing to ever happen to Arsenal after king Henry.

I am excited about every Arsenal game, no matter how bad we played the previous game, no matter its outcome result-wise; it is always like a Christmas. I am proudly a gooner who never shies away from talking out opinions and courageously defending my club. One day we will be back on top, producing top talent and stocking our trophy cabinet with loads of trophies like never before. I love the club, I love its players, I love all its employees. Arsenal is part of my everyday life and I am proudly associated with it. To our new followers, I implore you to challenge yourselves with how good you can hold your patience! Being a gooner entails patience. Being a successful individual comes along with how much patience you possess. Patience gooners, patience!

Andre Santos
Champions league is around the corner and Santos will be back to the squad as our LB and I should expect him to be in the starting line-up in Saturday’s F.A Cup line up, as he should be up for the task when Bayerrn Munich come knocking at the emirates. All he actually needs is game-time and fan support. Let’s cheer him up and see what difference that can make. He is a good player so to speak and it will be so self destructing to boo him. Positive thinking is the key to success in business and if we positively think about Santos, he will eventually rise up to the occasion and be a man we once knew.

Now Giroud, sure my lovely Hit-man, if I may, do not compare yourself to our former captain, for you can be much more successful than he was, just keep your head up high and expect the best. He completes a squad so full of talent and a squad who only have to work on their attitude and be determined. Giroud should learn more how to overlap and give his new partner in Walcott a chance to pace out slow CBs. The future is bright gooners, let’s share views.

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  1. hi gooners
    i see better days ahead of gunners. So the team needs to keep their heads in the air.
    Success to gunners.

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