Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The 'New Arsenal' You Want

By Justus Rotich.

Walcott’s signing of that contract (popularly going by the hash tag #SignDaTing on Twitter streets) probably is the reason behind the team coming together lately. It restored belief, confidence and commitment within the squad and not forgetting the coach. The Emirates atmosphere has suddenly changed and I hope major player exits will come to be a thing of the past and help us restore our ego back. He struck minutes before full time demonstrating what any striker does should have: confidence. Walcott, however, should not start the celebration as yet because he has a way too long and a duty too heavy to lift the club back to its glory days. He should emulate none other than Thierry Henry.   

No one is a ‘god’ except the boss as the Arsenal’s shot-stopper and the Polish international Wojciech Tomasz Szczesny once said regarding Arsene. Szczesny should up his tactics and commitment if he is to remain/be the faithful's darling. The only way to make certain of this is by bringing in a more experienced and a hungrier competition for him, an act I don’t see happening any time soon. In my opinion, he should be responsible for and held into account for whatever errors done by the back four. He has to constantly organize them; after all he is the last man on the pitch and the only man in the game always watching all the actions on the pitch. Szczesny should, I think, be included in the back four selections for each and every match.

Height is no trouble for Szczesny, Per, as well as Diaby. Diaby uses it to his advantage as well as to his disadvantage, in terms of fouls warranting yellow/red cards. That is what I normally expect from a midfielder, the lesser the warning he receives from the referee, the poorer in holding and dictating the flow of the game he is. Diaby plays well in the presence of Wilshere, that is what I have realized and though that is a positive, I see a negative in that. In case of a squad re-shuffle or an injury, God forbid, it will be so devastating for him and the gooner faithful. Every great player should blend well with any other player in the squad. I love the player Diaby is, but his injury prone nature makes him the special-one limiting his performance. My thoughts are always with Diaby every time he appears on the pitch. 

You can never compare Diaby to Vieira, Olivier Giroud to RvP, Gibbs to Andre Santos. Every player has got his weakness, strength and influence on a team and these elements will determine the final team result after a match. Santos is one hell of player to whom my respect for never seizes, and blaming lack of game time and injury to his poor form is something I do not encourage at all. His form to me is down to his on-pitch attitude. That being said, I do not have to give details on it, Santos does not fit into the current team that Arsene Wenger has in mind. In my opinion, we desperately need a new left back as back-up for Gibbs.

To the Arsenal faithful, keep the faith, the boys will come around and surprise every one as Arsene Wenger puts it,

“It is important to go for every trophy we can. We are in the Champions League. I know you have already kicked us out but we will surprise you!” 

Bring on Liverpool, test our consistency for I believe we will be there someday soon, our old Arsenal is almost back. Keep the faith gooners!

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  1. Awesome piece you got there fellow. I still think our poor run of form back then was down to low confidence n spirit to fight for the team. We have seen that recently and pray that we keep the flow going