Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vermaelen: We want Walcott to stay but that is something between the player and the club.

By Mugais Jahangir.

In his latest interview, Arsenal captain Thomas Vermaelen is hopeful that Theo Walcott will sign a new contract with Arsenal. However, he added that other players are not talking about the matter as it is not something they can control.

Here's his full statement:

"Of course we want him to stay but that is something that is going on between the player and the club. I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes — we don’t talk about it. Of course, Theo has been invaluable for us when he played this year. He is dangerous for us and I hope he could stay this year.

[We don’t talk about it] because that is going on in football all the time. It happened last time with Robin in the summer. It’s the job of the board and the club what they are going to do with it so we can’t do anything about it.

We know his qualities — he is quick and goes in behind defenders all the time — and I think we could find him yesterday and it helped us score a few goals.

On losing against Bradford:

"The team were disappointed because, of course, you want to win [against Bradford] but the thing is we were focused straight away again and we know in England we have so many games that we can make it up again straight away.

You can’t stand still too long with a defeat like that — you just learn from it and move on.

We had a lot to prove. A lot of people questioned us, and maybe that’s normal, but we wanted to perform yesterday and we think we did that."

Arsenal won their second consecutive Premier League game on Monday beating Reading 5-2. A much needed victory for the gunners who will be hoping to continue their winning run in the league. Being just 2 points behind the top 4, Arsenal are in a good position for the Champions League spot yet again. This is something Arsene Wenger has managed to do every single year since he took over as manager at the club in 1996. Recent results may have brought him under scanner but he knows how to come back and surprise everybody. Arsenal fans would wish for another surprise, maybe in January, that would make their claim for the Champions League spot even stronger.


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