Sunday, October 14, 2012

So, how are you finding the season?

By William McMenemy.

It’s these boring international breaks that makes me truly appreciate not just the club we love but also club football in general. There is nothing exciting about these qualifying campaigns. Nothing.

So in my boredom I thought I’d look over the season so far…all 10 games of it.

Firstly, I’ll get the new signings out the way.

Cazorla is pure class. Just watching him is a joy and his creativity is there for all to see. If I’m not mistaken he’s made over 20 chances already this season, which is pretty damn good.  That’s not including the many moves he has started as well.  It’s inevitable he’ll get compared to Fabregas and so far Cazorla has taken the mantle on well. His passing may not be as consistent as Fabregas’ but his dribbling is far superior and it adds a different twist to our attacks. He also has a rasping shot on him, his bullet at Upton Park was a thing of beauty. So far, he hasn’t been overshadowed b any other players in his position.

Podolski has brought a real work ethic to our left side. Immensely hard working chap, with a fine fine finish on him. His 4 goals have all been different, busting a gut at Anfield, a curling free-kick at home, little finish off the shoulder of the defender at Montpellier and a fox in the box finish against Olympiakos. All 4 goals were different types of goal and it’s great to have a goalscorer out there on the left. He’s managed to link up well with Cazorla as well. They’ve played some lovely stuff together as well as setting each other up at Anfield.

Giroud has been maligned from some sections since his arrival. The now now now culture was on his back from the get go which was incredibly unfair. This man is our top assister so far this season. I fully expect him to not get 37 goals this season. Like he says, he’s replacing a man who took 8 years to get 30 in the league. He’ll repay the patience he deserves and the performance at Upton Park showed signs of the quality that Wenger sees. Goal and an assist.

So 3 new signings brought in to spread out the goals and so far they have 5 goals in the league. The hypothetical target is 20 providing we concede 10 less goals then last season. I think it definitely is better having the goals spread out across the team and our defence has showed signs of conceding only 39 this season instead of 49 but they’ve also showed signs of the usual rubbish. Bould has had an effect back there but some players *cough* Vermaelen *cough* still have a tendency to rampage forward and leave gaps at the back. Some individuals have stepped up as well. Gibbs, Jenkinson and Mertesacker have been the standouts so far. Mertesacker has caused a real headache at centre back, likewise Jenkinson for right-back while Gibbs has CEMENTED left-back.

There are good feelings about this season. I really think a cup can be won this season. We aren’t going to touch the league or the CL this season but a cup (or cup double?) is definitely realistic.

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