Sunday, October 21, 2012

Complacency? Fatigue? No, complete rubbish.

By William McMenemy.

How else could yesterday’s performance be described? It was complete cack, easily on par with the cack against Chelsea except it’s a game we were widely expected to win.

Apart from Santos coming in, it was unchanged from West Ham. Sadly the performance was not unchanged as well. I cannot emphasise enough how crap we was yesterday. Infuriating was the word I used after Chelsea and it was the same here. Both defeats this season have been a result of our own doing. We should be 1 point behind Chelsea, not 10.

A lot of the blame is being attributed to Mannone. Can you blame a player who we all know isn’t good enough anyway? Or do you blame the manager who didn’t bring in the back up goalkeeper we all knew we needed in the summer? You decide.

We’ve been quite poor the last month when you look back on it. Chelsea we were rubbish, Olympiakos we weren’t too great (but got the result) and yesterday was a shambles as well. We definitely have to pull our finger out over the next 7 days. Schalke come to town in midweek off the back of a victory against the champions of Germany, Borussia Dortmund and then another potential banana skin against QPR.

We’re only 2 points better off than last season’s early season ‘crisis’. It’s amazing what one defeat can do.


  1. If it weren,t clear yet then Arsenal,s pathetic
    loss to lowly Norwich,who were thumped 5-2 by Li
    verpool a week or two ago,that Wenger,s time is up then i don,t know what is ,so both Chelsea and Man. United had scores of international pl
    ayers away playing for their respective countr
    ies during the week and still scored 4 goals away and at home this weekend,what,s Wenger,s excuse today and why is Mannone at fault for Vermaelen,s woeful display ,time for Arsene to go already?

  2. And the title challenge is over.We are way behind Chelsea.

  3. In Arsene we trust ,has become a byword for mediocrity at the club ,for how much longer can this obsession with mediocrity continue,someone should put the question direct
    ly to Wenger himself,the answer should clear up his delusi
    ons ?