Monday, September 24, 2012

Ohhhhh I wanna dance...

By William McMenemy.

So part 1 of our ‘test’ has seen us pick up a scrappy but nonetheless needed win in France and a very impressive point at the Etihad.

The game played out very similarly to last season’s affair. We held our own against a team who is formidable at home but they go ahead with a soft goal. The difference this time was the will and desire to fight back and actually break them down. A thunderous finish from Koscielny saw us earn a well deserved point in a game we arguably should of won.

It was a mammoth performance from our centre-back pairing. World class talent like Aguero will always get chances but the fact is we limited him and City to half chances for the majority of the game. It was Koscielny’s first outing this season and to perform like he did against last season’s most potent attack was magnificent. Mertesacker, who is absolutely flying right now, was fantastic. His reading of the game is truly remarkable. Interception after interception from the big man.

Also, more praise for Carl Jenkinson is warranted. He’s gone to Anfield and the Etihad now and has shown no signs of looking out of his depth. It was a big void he’s had to fill but he’s done it superbly, and next weekend will be another test for him what with Hazard and he’s liking for gravity to take a hold of him.

The swerve ball of the day from Wenger was starting Ramsey on the right win and in my humble opinion he shone. He had a great cameo against Southampton and he built on it yesterday. Good tracking, drifting in and a couple of drives similar to that of Yaya. Could he be our Benayoun this season? Here’s hoping.

Gervinho was at his absolute peak of inconsistency today. It was an infuriating performance from the Ivorian, his lack of composure at times is such a let down. Considering the positions he can get himself into, he really needs to work on it.

So in midweek we host Coventry City in the Capital One Cup or what is is ‘affectionately’ known as ‘the COC‘. Our potential team could be anything but I think a lot of us are dreaming of a Jack comeback. Premature perhaps, but you never know. Reports are of him being ‘as sharp as ever’. Hopefully we’ll see some Coq in the COC in midweek but the rest of the team really is out there. It could be anyone.

So Coventry on Wednesday, Chelsea on Saturday. 2 wins from those and we can really get excited with our start.


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