Sunday, September 09, 2012

Coquelin: I cannot be patient anymore.

It looks like everybody is becoming restless. There is something that is not right. Francis Coquelin in an interview to the French newspaper L'Equipe said that if he doesn't get a chance to play, he will go somewhere else:

"In July, I met the coach and he told me I am a full member of the team and he relies on me. Looking at who we have signed, they have trust in me. 
Alex Song left for Barcelona and they didn't (sign) another defensive midfielder.
When I didn't play in the first three matches it made me think about it. But I know I will get an opportunity and I will seize it.
Arteta, Diaby and Cazorla are great players, who have more experience than me. But during training sessions every morning I am not behind them.
I am 21-years-old, I know I cannot be patient any more. This year is the right season to make a name for myself at Arsenal.
I have given myself six months and then I will take stock. If I see it is blocked, I will go somewhere else. But for now I know I have the qualities to make a name for myself at Arsenal."

Coquelin signed a long-term contract earlier this year and perhaps he should realise that while he is in a contract, only the club can decide his future. He needs to understand that for now he cannot start ahead of Diaby, Arteta and Cazorla, even if he is better than all in training. If Arsene Wenger feels that he cannot start yet, that certainly means that he needs to improve. Also, I am surprised to see how freely these players are talking to the French media week in and week out. Just a week ago it was Sagna and now it is Coquelin. This is not a positive sign. I believe that Wenger should ban the players from talking to the press. They cannot dictate terms. It is up to the manager to decide who starts and who doesn't.

A year ago we used to hear such statements from Nicklas Bendtner as well. Claiming that he is the 'best striker in the world', Bendtner wanted to start ahead of Robin van Persie. Arsene Wenger knew his shortcomings. He got a chance to start every game for Sunderland and his true skills were revealed - an average striker who should feel privileged to be training under Arsene Wenger. Now he is off to Italy on loan again, trying to lose weight to be fit enough to play. 


  1. Francis is far better than ramsey and walcot. He can play several positions. Yet these average lads play ahead of him.

    1. He is a defensive midfielder. He has to compete with diaby for his position.

    2. better than ramsey and walcott.. You must really be dreaming.
      Walcott has been DIRECTLY involved in 40 goals in the last 2 seasons only. Which is an amazing stat for a player who is "Average"
      And Ramsey, the bloke just came back from an horrific injury, give him time! Give him this season and look at how he plays!

      Please do not claim to have been behind Ramsey through his lows when he does make his name at Arsenal. He will. That time, dont say you were patient with him!

    3. Theo and aaron cant be compared with Coq. Coquelin still needs to improve. i heard he was sent off while playing for his country this weekend. hah

  2. There's not need to be sentimental when stating things that obvious. Coquelin is better than Aaron Ramsey, when it comes to composure, keeping the ball and decision making, even skill level. At the very least, this boy should get the nod over Ramsey. Funny how this article tries to make the player look like a noise maker. You conveniently forget about the noise our current number goal keeper, Wojciech Szczęsny, was making and eventually he got his chance to prove that.
    I wouldn't want to go as far to say he is better than Walcott but his attacking mentality and skills should put him in the frame to be considered as an attacking option as well. Of course, Diaby is a very good player but I believe the player is going to get his chance to prove his usefulness to the team.