Monday, September 10, 2012

Abou Diaby - Class or Sick Note?

By Shaun Weller.

One thing that's on the lips of all gunners recently is certainly the performances of Abou Diaby. Against Liverpool it's fair to say he was nothing short of incredible, he seems fit and looks as if he can provide the sort of performances that we've missed in previous seasons. 

Abou Diaby's recent form has caught many eyes.
Obviously Abou Diaby is infamously known for being a constant sick note and his career since joining Arsenal has been poor considering the amount of potential he has. Diaby has had 6 tough years with Arsenal and it is fair to say that many gooners, including myself, felt as if his time may have been up at the Emirates.

His performances of late have changed people's perspective on him. He's strung together an appearance in all of our first 3 games this season and is now only 1 appearance off of how many games he played last season. He looks like a new player as well, his passing,  physical presence and incredible dribbling are a great asset to our side and adds a new dimension to our already brilliant midfield. Wilshere will be back within a few weeks and if Diaby keeps these performances up and stays fit, Wilshere will have a very tough task in regaining his spot in the first team.


  1. he needs to stay fit for the whole season. we need him.

  2. Already duty never ends well for diaby and arsenal FX