Monday, September 10, 2012

A lack of patience

By William McMenemy.

This week has seen young Francis Coquelin talk up the possibility of him moving on due to a lack of first team chances. My response to such talk is to hold out a bit, you don’t just walk into our team at this age unless you have supreme quality. Is Coquelin on the level of a Wilshere or Fabregas? No, not a chance.

Francis Coquelin
Two cases come to mind are that of Szczesny and Ashley Cole. Szczesny spoke about not playing and had a whinge up not too dissimilar to that of Coquelin’s. Three months later, Fabianski gets injured and Szczesny comes in and hasn’t looked back since. The same applies to Cole, who was on the cusp of a move to Crystal Palace before an injury to Silvinho. The rest is history.

From what I’ve seen of Coquelin is he is a classy player with a bit of bite and defensive prowess. He’s a great talent and hopefully he will get a chance to cement a place in the coming months. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn out to be a Diarra.

The other lack of patience which is slightly annoying me, is the lack of patience with Giroud. Fellow Gooners are already writing him off. After two and a half games! Complete madness if you ask me. The team has changed its approach this summer and when you change 3/4 of the front 4, it’s going to take some of the individuals more time than others to settle in.

Just 5 days now before normality resumes (I hate international breaks and international football).

Bring on Giroud’s 1st.


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