Friday, December 30, 2011

TGT talks to the man running Robin van Persie's fansite

Interview with the man behind Robin van Persie's fansite:
From Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Find him on Twitter: @vpersiefansite

Q. It's no longer surprising to see passionate gooners from Holland. How many years has it been for you being a gooner?
     "First of all, we make the fan site with a few people. The one who organizes the twitter account, answers these questions. Otherwise you get too many different answers.
     I follow Arsenal since 1998. In the summer of 1998, Holland had an outstanding performance on the World Cup and Dennis Bergkamp was the big man with his amazing goal against Argentina. From that moment, I became a fan of Dennis Bergkamp and I started to follow Arsenal. I watched the news about the team in the newspapers and match summaries on the TV. Not only Dennis amazing skills, but also Arsenal's way of playing were the things why I followed the Arsenal.
     But a real passionate gooner, started when Robin van Persie went to Arsenal. I'm a Feyenoord fan since I was little and since he made his debut in the first team, he was my favorite player. That's 10 years ago now. I was a little bit sad when Robin left Feyenoord, but also happy that he went to my favorite club outside Holland. 
   Robin had some pretty long periods of injuries, but during those periods, I always watch every game. Think that says enough about not only being a RVP fan, but also an Arsenal supporter."

Q. Back then as a new gooner, who was your ultimate favourite? 
     "Like I said, Dennis Bergkamp. The best Arsenal player ever for me. Maybe I'm a little bit chauvinistic because he's also Dutch, but there are not many players who can reach his level of amazing skills. Love to see Robin doing the same on the field, but I think we could say in 5 years if he was as good as Dennis was. Dennis is the one who made the most beautiful goals, but also the one with the perfect pass. I don't know exactly if it was on the day of his last Arsenal match, or on the day of his testimonial but the Dutch television had that day a beautiful video with his football skills on classical music. It was like a ballet show. He had a certain way of class that nobody had. On the field and off the field."

Q. What is that one thing about Arsenal which according to you makes them stand out from the crowd?
     "Their attractive style of playing. Except Barcelona, nobody in the world can play like Arsenal can. And the team spirit. I've seen a training in Amsterdam and I've been in the catacomb of the Emirates after a match and you can see that Arsenal is like one big happy family. They see each other like brothers and they spend a lot of time with each other off the field."

Q. Getting back to the current form, for the last 4-5 years we've been observing that by the end of the season we're always fighting for the top 4 spot while other clubs like MUFC fight for the title. Is this because our squad is weak or the tactics are not working?
     "The depth of the squad is too weak. Too many players doesn't have real competition for their spot. If an important player like Vermaelen, Song or Van Persie fells away, a win is not so sure anymore. Arsenal need to hold their players for a longer time and if a big player leaves, you need to have a player who can step in his feet. Wenger's policy in his first years was great. Hold the big players like Adams, Keown, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires etc. for as long as they are needed and buy some upcoming players with lots of talent and make them star players. Arsenal has to go back to that philosophy."

Q.  You're the one behind the biggest RvP fan-site, so certainly you'll be looking forward to Robin extending his contract with Arsenal. But we all know that big players always want to win trophies and currently Arsenal is struggling in that department. What is it that you feel can convince Robin to extend his contract?
     "As a Gooner, I always wanted Robin to play for Arsenal till the end of his career off course. As a RVP fan, I wasn't too sure about this till a few weeks ago. I want Robin too win prices and I don't know if that will happen as long as Wenger doesn't add quality to his squad. 
     But now Robin became more and more an Arsenal legend, I asked myself what would be a bigger achievement and what brings you more happiness in the rest of your life. Leave Arsenal and win some prices with a club who doesn´t have your heart, or stay at Arsenal, maybe to win nothing, but being an Arsenal Legend forever. I think the last one gives you more status and happiness for the rest of your life. I hope Robin thinks the same about that. We should give Robin all the support that he deserves so that he feels that he can't leave Arsenal.
     Of course, buying the players that the squad needs will also convince Robin to extend his contract. But as I said, I don't see that happen."

Q. You're way too used to getting replies from Robin on Twitter, which Gunner according to you is the Twitter king?
     "I think Robin and Jack are the Twitter kings. Maybe they don't tweet as much as some young players like Frimpong, but the quality of their tweets is very high."

Q. An Arsenal player's name which comes to your mind when you hear these words :-

"Dennis Bergkamp"
Bench warmer:
"Pascal Cygan"
"Andrei Arshavin"
"Alex Song"
The Dark Horse:
"Laurent Koscielny"
Future legend:
"Robin van Persie"
Born to be a gooner:
"Jack Wilshere"

1. Who would you prefer in the starting XI, Park or Chamakh?
"Park, without a doubt"

2. Best Arsenal goal you've ever seen.
"Bergkamp against Newcastle"

3. Amongst the summer signings, who do you think has been the best till now?
"That's a difficult one. Gervinho or Arteta. Think I'll go for Arteta because he also has an important role off the field"

4. Eduardo, Eboue or Traore, who should've stayed at Arsenal?
"Eboue. I miss the joker and wherever you needed a player, he could step in."

5. Who do you think is the slowest in our squad?

6. Who's your favourite player in the Premier League, apart from all Arsenal players?
"Difficult. It always was Van der Sar. Krul I think now. Future Dutch goalkeeper."

7. Who do you think will win the Premier League this season?
"Manchester United"

8. Who do you think will win the Champions League this season?
"Arsenal, I hope!"

9. Game of the season so far?
"Chelsea - Arsenal"

10. Goal of the season?
"Robin's one against Everton"

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