Friday, December 30, 2011

"If it wasn't for Arsenal, the league wouldn't have been this charming" - Qasim Paracha

Interview with Mr. Qasim Paracha
Mr. Paracha is from Karachi, Pakistan
Find him on Twitter: @qparacha

Q.We always try to find gooners from different corners of the world and we're glad we have one from Pakistan. For how many years have you been supporting the Arsenal and back then who was your favourite gooner?
     "2004. And Thierry Henry was my favorite."

Q. What is that one thing about Arsenal which according to you makes them stand out from the crowd?
"They have achieved such big things and produced such good players that they cannot be neglected or if it wasn't for Arsenal, the league wouldn't have been this charming & competitive."

Q. For the last 4-5 years we've been observing that by the end of the season we're always fighting for the top 4 spot while other clubs like MUFC fight for the title. Is this because our squad is weak or the tactics are not working?
"Experience lacking. If you see MANU's squad they had Scholes, O'Shea and they still have Ryan Giggs who have played their whole life for that club. They help their youngsters . As in Arsenal we have no such players. Well that's my thought."

Q. An Arsenal player's name which comes to your mind when you hear these words :-

"Dennis Bergkamp"
Bench warmer:
The Dark Horse:
"Thomas Vermaelen"
Future legend:
Born to be a gooner:

1. Who would you prefer in the starting XI, Park or Chamakh?

2. Best Arsenal goal you've ever seen.
"Rvp against Wigan"

3. Amongst the summer signings, who do you think has been the best till now?

4. Eduardo, Eboue or Traore, who should've stayed at Arsenal?

5. Who do you think is the slowest in our squad?

6. Who's your favourite player in the Premier League, apart from all Arsenal players?
"Van Der Vaart"

7. Who do you think will win the Premier League this season?

8. Who do you think will win the Champions League this season?

9. Game of the season so far?
"Chelsea vs Arsenal"

10. Goal of the season?
"Robin against Wigan"


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