Friday, December 30, 2011

"Arsenal is one big warm family!" - Nick Groeneveld

Interview with Mr. Nick Groeneveld
Mr. Groeneveld is from Zaltbommel, The Netherlands
Find him on Twitter: @ngroeneveld

Q. It's not surprising to see passionate gooners from Holland. How long have to been supporting the Arsenal and who was your favourite gooner when you started watching them?
     "All of my life. My parents say that, when I was three years old, I stayed up to watch the Arsenal. That's now sixteen years ago. Imagine that, a 3-year-old! So I've been watching for sixteen years since I was three. My favorite player was, of course, Dennis Bergkamp. My first shirt has got him on his back. I always saw van Persie as his successor. One Dutchman went and the other one came. Now, sixteen years later, I'm still watching great even greater love for the Arsenal. It is so strong that I don't even know another Premier League player I like, I have to think about that a very long time."

Q. What is that one thing about Arsenal which according to you makes them stand out from the crowd?
     "Arsenal is all about class. The way Arsenal is made is just great. Only at the Arsenal players say they love the club (and not the money) and want to stay for a very long time! You can see that players want to return or never should have left. Arsenal is one big warm family!"

Q. For the last 4-5 years we've been observing that by the end of the season we're always fighting for the top 4 spot while other clubs like MUFC fight for the title. Is this because our squad is weak or the tactics are not working?
     "A combination of both! I think we have a great team but there is some bad luck in our team. For example the League Cup final last year, it has nothing to do with quality, just bad luck. On the other hand, the tactics of playing very nice are sometimes a bit overrated. There are games when you just need to shut the opponent up and kill the game. When you are 2-0 up you can do fancy trickery. I think we will win a price in the coming 2-3 years."

Q. An Arsenal player's name which comes to your mind when you hear these words :-

"Dennis Bergkamp"
Bench warmer:
"Sebastian Squillaci"
"Johan Djourou"
"Tomas Rosicky"
The Dark Horse:
"Ryo Miyaichi"
Future legend:
"Alex Song"
Born to be a gooner:
"Jack Wilshere"

1. Who would you prefer in the starting XI, Park or Chamakh?

2. Best Arsenal goal you've ever seen.
"Bergkamp vs Newcastle"

3. Amongst the summer signings, who do you think has been the best till now?
"Mikel Arteta"

4. Eduardo, Eboue or Traore, who should've stayed at Arsenal?

5. Who do you think is the slowest in our squad?
"Per Mertesacker"

6. Who's your favourite player in the Premier League, apart from all Arsenal players?
"Leighton Baines"

7. Who do you think will win the Premier League this season?
"Manchester United"

8. Who do you think will win the Champions League this season?
"Arsenal FC"

9. Game of the season so far?
"Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal"

10. Goal of the season?
"Robin van Persie vs Everton (1-0)"


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