Wednesday, October 05, 2011

"Szczesny is the best goalkeeper in the world" - Vidur Kalive

For the first interview at TGT Live, we invited Mr. Vidur Kalive. He plays as a goalkeeper for Deccan FC in India. We discussed many issues, including Arsene Wenger and Szcsesny. Here's the transcript of the interview:

Q. Arsenal is in the 2nd half of the table right now. What do you reckon from here?
      “The season is not over yet. It’s just the start. It’s fine. Every big club has been there. So being an Arsenal fan for many years now, I believe we will move up and pretty fast.”

Q. Arsene Wenger said that Arsenal are out of the title race. Do you agree?
      “It’s not the right thing to say and especially when it is coming from the manager himself. I think Arsenal is in the title race as much as United and City are.”

Q. Many Arsenal fans have been criticising Arsene Wenger for his tactics. Do you think the criticism is genuine?
      “To a certain extent, yes. He stuck to his policy. Years back it paid off really well for us when we went unbeaten throughout the whole season but the same gameplay, the same football is not working in the current scenario of the Premier League.”

Q. Are you happy with Arsene Wenger’s youth policy?
     “His youth policy has worked to a great extent. But we have many examples where players joining the Arsenal at a very young age leave when they reach their peak. After everything Wenger did to groom them, they left when the club needed them. You can make them stars but at the same time once they become stars, you need to win trophies to keep them at the club.”

Q. Do you think we got the right replacement for Fabregas and Nasri?
     “It’s too early to say anything about it. Arteta looked really good at Everton. He was their playmaker but that’s because he did fit in that squad so well. We have to give him some time to fit in this Arsenal squad.”

Q. There are rumours of City bidding for Robin van Persie. What are your thoughts on that?
     “Van Persie won’t leave. Who hasn’t City bid for? They bid for everybody. You have the money and you can throw it around. Robin won’t leave. I’m not gona go ahead and put him in the league of Nasri. Robin plays for the love of the game and not for money.”

Q. You’ve been playing as a goalkeeper in India. Wojciech Szczesny, what do you think of this young lad?
     “I can say he’s the best goalkeeper in the world right now. Casillas has a few more years left. He won’t be in his top form. Van der Sar is gone. I haven’t heard of Buffon since the 2006 World Cup. So Szczesny is definitely the best goalkeeper in the world.”

1. One player you wish signs for Arsenal in January.

2. Would you like to have another Arsenal vs Barcelona this season?

3. One player you wish comes back to Arsenal.
   "Thierry Henry"

4. Greatest Arsenal player ever.
    "Thierry Henry"

5. Lehmann or Szczesny?

6. Highbury or Emirates?

7. The match you’ll never forget.
   "Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona (16th February, 2011)"

8. Who do you think in the Arsenal squad would make a good stand-up comedian?

9. Name one player in the Premier League you would like to slap.

10. If you could meet one Arsenal player, who would it be?


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