Saturday, October 08, 2011

"In Arsene I still trust" - Shams Ud Dowla

Interview with Mr. Shams Ud Dowla.
Mr. Dowla is from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Find him on Twitter: @shams_alter

Q. Living in Bangladesh, how did you end up supporting Arsenal?
      “Well it started back in those good old days, when we used to score goals for fun. I was a cricket fan and used to play a lot of cricket but the likes of PIRES, HENRY, DB10 changed my life for good. Nowadays I hardly watch a cricket match unless my country plays. The total football of Arsenal took my breath away, and it’s now hard for me to live without thinking about Arsenal. Most of my cousins are Arsenal fans. They used to watch them long before I did. They had a big influence on me. I would love to say that if Arsenal someday visits Bangladesh they will get a packed stadium. We do have a big big fan forum here.”

Q. Six years without a trophy, who do you blame?
      “Tough question to answer. I will say Board. So many of us blame Arsene for this, but I can’t see his fault here. They say he doesn't spend, I say he is not allowed to spend. Come on, if he is to blame for not spending then why Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester city and even Barcelona wanted him? Be careful what you wish for gooners. He built this wonderful stadium and we had a great amount of deb. In this kind of situation, show me a manager who would keep a team of teenagers like Arsenal in the top 4, NO ONE. He is going through tough time; we need to back him, break the board, and bring Usmanov in the board. He can deliver the money, Stan has been nothing but Silent so far.”

Q. 7 points in 7 matches, do you think it's going to be the worst season for Arsenal under Arsene Wenger?
      “For the time being yes, it looks like that. But I really hope and have a feeling that we will end up strongly. All depends on January window. If we can get players like Christian Eriksen and Jan Vertonghen and may be Hazard (not sure now as Zidane is there to grab him) Marko Marin we can turn things around like Chelsea did last season. But again I’d say we MUST back the team we have now.”

Q. Is Arsene Wenger the right person to lead Arsenal in the current circumstances?
      “Absolutely, he is the man, I follow him very closely. But yes, there is also a second thought. He must let us know why he is choosing players like Benayoun and not KAKA? Arsenal is a big club; we can’t do these kinds of crazy things. I have heard he had bid for big players but at the last moment, so could not get them. I hope he will go for them again in January and secure them. I still think he is the man, for 1 more season at least (for those who want him out). From being ‘boring boring ARSENAL’ to ‘GOAL GOAL Arsenal’, it was his method, his hard work. Remember the names? Henry, Pires, Vieira, Cesc, Nasri, Jack Wilshere, all came up holding his hand. I mean come on he needs our support at his hard time, not booing or shouting. IN ARSENE I STILL TRUST.”

1. One player you wish signs for Arsenal in January.
    "Edin Hazard"

2. Face Barcelona again in CL this season?
   "No, not again"

3. One player you wish comes back to Arsenal:
   "Thierry Henry"

4. Greatest Arsenal player ever:

5. Who do you think in the current Arsenal squad would make a good stand-up comedian?

6. Highbury or Emirates?

7. The best match ever?
    "Tottenham 4-5 Arsenal (13-11-2004, White Hart Lane)"

8. Name one football player you would like to slap?
    "Patrice Evra"

9. If you could meet one Arsenal player, who would it be?
    "Thierry Henry"

10. Worst Arsenal player in the current squad:


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